Well this has been an interesting Friday the 13th. Not all bad, not all good. A typical day? I don’t know what that is anymore. 

It all started at 5:30 AM when I couldn’t sleep any longer. I decided to email my daughter who is covering the cost of the meds for HER dog and ask her why I hadn’t heard from her since the day before. I don’t take money out of her account for the dog unless she gives me permission and knowing the vet wanted Aja on the meds ASAP I was anxious for an answer. I wasn’t however, expecting the answer I got. Her exact words were “I can’t pull money out of my ass!” Well no kidding! If you had TOLD me you needed time to get the money together I wouldn’t have bugged you. But did you say anything – no you didn’t!

Anyway, the meds were purchased and Aja was given her first 3 pills of Prednisone along with 1 Pepcid. Earlier I had given her 3 Benadryl which was her second dose as I had given her some last night. She is amazing. If I had 6 Benadryl in me over a 12 hour period I would be asleep for a week! But not Aja! She is just her normal self. Tonight she appears to be begging for food a little more than usual. The vet said that would happen with the Prednisone and not to worry and not to give her any more than her usual amount of food. Yeah, okay, tell that to HER! She gives me that look that says “why are you starving me!” Other than that she is acting and doing everything just as she normally would. Tonight she gets 3 more Benadryl and 1 more Pepcid.

Earlier she was standing in front of me and I think I saw a lump on her side. I’m not going to check. It’s futile. I know there are more tumors and as long as she isn’t in pain, it’s all good. It’s a day to day process.

My favorite saying is “God will make a way, He always does.” That is the one thing we can all be assured of. He knows what He is doing and we just have to let it be.