Well, so much for sleep. Aja got me up at 6 AM to go outside and do her thing. Boy did she! Then 2 hours later she did it again. The Prednisone sure does clean out her system! I don’t mind. As long as she doesn’t do it in the house I’ll walk her every 2 hours!

Had something happen after dinner. I made chicken with rice and green beans. When hubby and I got finished I thought I would take the rest of the rice and mix it with Aja’s food. I’ve done this before so I didn’t see a problem and it gives her something different to eat. She ate, then promptly threw it right back up. Only it looked like it had been chewed and partially digested which I thought was really weird since she had JUST eaten it. It was also full of mucous. So between her vomiting and hubby vomiting because the dog was vomiting I had a fun time! Aja went back and ate more only this time she kept it down. Hubby I’m not so sure about. He lost his dinner and now has a stomach ache. So much for having a nice dinner!

Each day brings with it new challenges and new things to get used to. By the Grace of God we will get through this. Aja seems to be doing well, except for tonight, on the Prednisone. She eats, drinks, pees and poos – a lot. Sounds normal to me! Good thing I got the industrial size jar of peanut butter. We’re going to need it for all the pills she is taking!