I have discovered that no two days are the same with Aja anymore. Maybe I’m more sensitive to her needs now or maybe I am just waiting for the inevitable.

As usual she got us up at 6 AM to go out. This is the new norm. Two hours later I did it all over again – and so did she. Why does it seem like poo that was normal before now weighs 10 lbs! It is softer, therefore harder to pick up.

Is she responding to the Prednisone? I SWEAR the tumor in her neck is smaller so I would have to say YES! Hubby finally agrees with me. He thinks it is smaller too. That means she is responding to the Prednisone. Thank you Jesus! I love to do praise reports when there is a positive in the mix of so much negative. Does this mean she is cured? Definitely not! It is still cancer and it is still there. Just not as big so maybe it won’t obstruct her airway. We have been taking her collar off after every time she goes out so as not to put pressure on her neck. The harness was a bust so it went back to PetSmart. The vet did say if she responds to the Prednisone it COULD shrink the tumor by 20%.

The one thing that does concern me is her lack of appetite. The vet said she would have a bigger appetite. Well she did until everything came back up last night. I don’t know if she is afraid to eat because it might happen again or if she is just not hungry. She’s eating, but nowhere near what she was doing. She does drink a lot though. That has definitely increased.

Like I said, each day is a new adventure. And I guess that is how it’s supposed to be. I thank you God and praise you for one more day with Aja, and a good one at that.