Are you sure she’s dying? Well, that’s silly, I know she is but let me tell you, she is doing really well. And the tumors have shrunk so I know she must be more comfortable. What a wonderful birthday present she gave me today. She let me sleep till 7:30 and had a really good day. I can’t ask for any more than that. She seems normal and healthy. Maybe we are on to something and she will be around for a long while. Or maybe this is the calm before the storm. I hope not. Yes, it’s hard to rearrange everything to make sure I am around in the morning and at night to give her the meds but the alternative is something I don’t even want to consider. And besides, I have made her life easier by doing this for her. A small price to pay for the unconditional love she gives me every day. I can SEE a difference and she hasn’t even been on the Prednisone for a week yet. THAT makes me happy and makes it all worth it.

Aja’s “mommy” is supposed to come home this weekend to see her. But she’s bringing the boyfriend so I’m not sure just how much of her Aja will actually get to see. I wish she was coming alone so Aja could have her undivided attention and we could spend some time with her. But with the boyfriend here that won’t be possible. Don’t get me wrong, we really like him. But I wanted HER to come and spend time with HER dog. Guess that was too much to ask.

Thank you Lord for the great day Aja had and the positive response she is having to the meds. I praise you in the highest for taking care of her through me.