Sorry there wasn’t a post last night. I forgot before I turned off the computer. Aja had another good day yesterday She was happy and playful. Took all her meds. Basically an uneventful day.

Then we got to today. Aja’s “mommy” came home about 1:30 AM for a brief visit. She is now gone. That’s how quick it was. Aja was happy to see her but not the same over excited dog we were used to. Perhaps the Benadryl is helping in that area. Even though her mommy was here, Aja just didn’t seem interested. In fact, she wasn’t herself today. When I got up this morning there was a puddle in the hallway. She NEVER does that and it was too big for it to be one of the cats.I also noticed she was panting all day. Drinking and eating but panting like she was over heated. Now that may have been because there were extra people in the house. Mommy and boyfriend decided to take Aja to the park for some exercise. I had noticed earlier in the day that her stools had become softer. She didn’t eat anything different so I wasn’t sure what was going on. Then her mommy called me from the park to say that Aja had just had a bowel movement and it was bloody. Oh boy, red flag. She said it started out normal, soft but normal, and then turned to all blood. Then she squatted a few more times and it was bloody. When she came in she laid on the floor under the fan instead of behind my chair. I immediately texted our vet receptionist who has “babysat” Aja in the past and asked her what timer Banfield opened tomorrow and who the vet on duty would be. Thank God they open at 11 AM and it is Aja’s vet. I relayed the information to her and she relayed it to the doctor and he said bring her in at 11, don’t even call for an appointment.

This doesn’t sound good and I hope I am panicking for nothing. I don’t know why I am panicking. I knew her good days wouldn’t last but the tumors have become so small. I was really hopeful and I am praying this is nothing but I remember the vet saying we don’t know how many tumors she has or where they are and the Prednisone can irritate the lining of her stomach. That is why she takes the Pepcid. So we will see tomorrow what the next step is.

I have put Aja in God’s hands and am asking that His will, not mine, be done. I am also asking anyone who wishes to please pray for Aja. Thank you.