This has been a good Aja day! Praise God! But that only makes the decision harder and more confusing. She was her old, tail wagging, happy self for most of the day. And there was a lot of activity today. Maybe the Prednisone being cut down by half has been good for her. I don’t know. She still looks bloated to me. We are still going to the vet on Friday and a lot can happen between now and then.

Well, on top of everything else it looks like we may be moving. The apartment complex where we live and my husband is the maintenance manager is being sold and he has opted to stay with the present owner and go to another property. Yay. That property is about 25 miles from Aja’s vet! THAT does not make me happy. But I will NOT change vets. Not now. Banfield Pet Hospital has been amazing with her and just so wonderful and caring. As far as I am concerned they have gone over and above what any vet would do. We are so Blessed to have them.

This is still all up in the air. It just looks like the sale will go through. I would say about 90% sure. It’s that other 10% we have to worry about. But we will take it one day at a time and by the Grace of God it will all work out.