Today Aja crossed the bridge. We had no other choice. Dr. Gindville was concerned because she could not seem to settle and was not sleeping at night or when she laid down. He feels she was in pain. We had always said we did not want her to be in pain and Dr. Gindville felt there was nothing more we could have done that would not have cost us a lot of money so we made the decision to go ahead and euthanize her. He was the one to do it. I thought that was very appropriate since he was the one who walked this journey with her ever since the tumor on her lip. He told me today it has been 2 months since he removed that tumor from her lip. Wow time flew! As per my daughters wishes Aja’s remains will not be returned and she will be buried in a common grave with other cremated animals. Somewhere in there is comfort knowing she will not be alone.

Wow this hurts so much! I honestly think hubby is taking it harder than I am! He never wanted to admit just how much he loved that dog and it was so hard to say goodbye – for both of us. I wish I could stop crying long enough to get this typed but it’s not happening. I will miss her so very much. Yes, she could be a pain in the butt at times and yes, we always had to make arrangements for her if we wanted to go away and yes, we had to walk her – a lot in her last days. But damn it we loved her! And that’s what you do when you love. You love till it hurts. And wow does it hurt. WHY doesn’t my daughter understand just how difficult this was for us? WHY did she put us in this position? This was HER dog. We were the ones who were supposed to be detached, not her!

There are no words to express how grateful I am for the outpouring of love and prayers from my Facebook friends and fans of this blog. You have all held me up during this difficult time. I take comfort in knowing that Aja now rests in the arms of Jesus and He has said to her “good job!” She was a loving and faithful companion as well as a great watchdog. Granted she would have licked to death anyone who broke in but the fact that she was a boxer/pit bull mix made them think twice! I will miss her more than I can say but I have Grayson and Rascal to give me comfort. This blog will continue for them.

Thank you Lord for helping us to make this decision, and thank you for Banfield Pet Hospital in Madison, TN. They were amazing.