Hi! It’s Me – Grayson Patrick Young – THE cat. My human said I could do the blog because a lot of my friends – well, okay, a few of my friends – were interested in my life. Well I can tell you this. I MISS MY DOG! I keep hoping she is just away for some reason but my human keeps telling me she isn’t coming back. Somewhere inside I know that just like I know Aja is okay in heaven but I just keep hoping. Meanwhile, I’m stuck with Rascal. Yay me.

My typical day starts when my humans get up in the morning. Usually I’m sleeping in my humans recliner. She has this comfy cushion I like to sleep on. But sometimes I sleep in Mr’s chair, just for a change. That is if Rascal isn’t in it. He is the most annoying kid! He runs around the house barking his dumb fool head off for no reason at all that I can see. Then he stops, yells real loud, and does it again. What a strange cat he is. And he likes it when Mr pulls his tail. I sure don’t! The thing I don’t like is that brush! Now I know I need to be brushed – or at least my human thinks so – but I don’t like it. Besides, it’s my fur and if I don’t want to share I shouldn’t have to!

I like to sleep – oh and eat. I have discovered Aja had something going with that begging thing so I started doing it. Now Aja would eat anything – and I do mean anything – oh except for lettuce – unless it had ranch dressing on it bu me, I’m picky. Vanilla, I love vanilla, and maple doughnuts, and potato chips, and ice cream, and of course milk. Oh, when my human makes those peanut butter cookies wow are they good!

I finally got back in the office. For those who don’t know the story, I used to be able to go in the office – then my human got a new sofa and I wasn’t allowed in there. Well I guess she feels sorry for me so she opened the door again. I try not to push it. I don’t want her to kick me out again. But I sure do like it when she lets me lay on the desk in front of the monitor. She hugs me while she is on the computer and that’s nice.

I guess I better go now. I’ll write again when I have something to say. Oh, if you’ve a mind to, would you please pray for my humans? They are really missing Aja and are sad. And that makes me sad. Thank you.