Wow! I can’t believe in 3 short months Aja will be gone to the Rainbow Bridge for a whole year. It doesn’t seem possible. I think about her everyday and the tears immediately come. The guilt is there that maybe we should have waited, maybe we should have been in the room with her, maybe we should have kept her ashes, maybe, maybe, maybe… In the scope of things it really doesn’t matter, does it. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she will be waiting for me when I cross the bridge and she will come running to me like she always did.

If anyone had ever told me I would be this attached to a dog, or grieve this much for an animal, I would have told them they were crazy! My beloved Cupcake was my soul mate. For a cat he knew me better than anyone and he loved me until the day I had to make that difficult decision for him. I kept his ashes. As close as “Cake” and I were, I didn’t grieve for him nearly as much as I do for Aja. I don’t know, maybe it’s because dogs have more personality than cats and somehow seem more human. But dang, I miss that dog!

Last night Grayson was on the bed and hubby and I were playing with him. I was going rur,rur,rur to him like I always did to Aja and he got very upset with me. Maybe it was the hearing something familiar or maybe he too still misses Aja. Rascal? Well, he could care less. He was always wary of Aja because she was so much bigger than him.

I see so many posts about people being afraid of pit bulls. My Aja was a Pitt bull/boxer mix ans she was one of the most gentle dogs I have ever seen. She would lick and love you all over before she would hurt you. She was very timid and shy but loved unconditionally. Maybe that’s what I miss the most – the unconditional love.