Today was much better than yesterday. I know the vet said she would have highs and lows but good grief, she goes really high and then really low! For the most part the bleeding has stopped. The vet may be right. She might have a touch of colitis. Or it’s the tumors. Either way she seems to be doing better today. She is eating and drinking which naturally leads to peeing – a lot – and pooping! So I would say bodily functions are normal.

Today is the first day on the lower dose of Prednisone. The vet cut it down early from 3 pills to 1 1/2 pills daily. My biggest fear – now that we have lowered the dose the tumors will start to grow again. Then what do we do? I’ll leave that up to God and the vet.

No two days are the same. My day depends on how Aja’s day is going. She is needing to go out now at least every 2 hours which makes it very difficult to have a life. But that’s okay. She is the most important consideration right now. By the Grace of God and prayers we will get through this and when it is Aja’s time to cross the bridge we will know we did everything we could to make the trip easier for her. I hope that day doesn’t come too soon.


Hi. My name is Grayson Patrick Young and I am Aja’s best friend. Oh, and by the way, I am a cat. My human said I could do the blog tonight because she is just so drained. I don’t know what that is but that doesn’t sound good either.

My dog isn’t doing so well. In fact, she is doing badly. I hope the blood in her poop stops so she can stay around longer. My human said the vet told her it is probably because of the tumors. See, my Aja has mass cell carcinoma. Those are big words. What it means is, she has cancer and the masses can be anywhere in her body and all look different. The medicine my human is giving her really made the tumors shrink but then the bleeding in her poop started yesterday.

Let me tell you about my best friend Aja. Some humans are afraid of her because she is half pit bull and half boxer. She is a big dog, about 70 lbs worth. If she ever fell on me she would squash me like a bug! Bur she wouldn’t do that because, you see, my Aja is the most gentle and loving dog you would ever want to meet, and I love her a lot. She lets me lick her paws, and if she is in a good mood I even get to clean her ears! That hasn’t happened lately though. I curl up next to her and she loves on me. I really don’t like it though when she gives me a bath! I prefer to do my own bath! I don’t know what I will do when she isn’t here anymore. I will be so sad and lonely. I will have no one with 4 feet who loves me. Rascal, my adopted brother, is a jerk and we don’t like each other so he won’t be any help. I guess I will just have to love on my humans more. Gosh, I can’t imagine getting up in the morning and not seeing my dog. I don’t know how to be not sad. This just really hurts my heart because I know she is sick and there is nothing I can do about it.

My human said not to make this too long so I guess I will go now but before I do can I ask you a favor? If you are reading this would you please pray for my dog and my humans? They both really love Aja too, even though Mr won’t admit it. That would really help a lot and I would appreciate it. Thank you for letting me tell you about my best friend Aja.

Sorry there wasn’t a post last night. I forgot before I turned off the computer. Aja had another good day yesterday She was happy and playful. Took all her meds. Basically an uneventful day.

Then we got to today. Aja’s “mommy” came home about 1:30 AM for a brief visit. She is now gone. That’s how quick it was. Aja was happy to see her but not the same over excited dog we were used to. Perhaps the Benadryl is helping in that area. Even though her mommy was here, Aja just didn’t seem interested. In fact, she wasn’t herself today. When I got up this morning there was a puddle in the hallway. She NEVER does that and it was too big for it to be one of the cats.I also noticed she was panting all day. Drinking and eating but panting like she was over heated. Now that may have been because there were extra people in the house. Mommy and boyfriend decided to take Aja to the park for some exercise. I had noticed earlier in the day that her stools had become softer. She didn’t eat anything different so I wasn’t sure what was going on. Then her mommy called me from the park to say that Aja had just had a bowel movement and it was bloody. Oh boy, red flag. She said it started out normal, soft but normal, and then turned to all blood. Then she squatted a few more times and it was bloody. When she came in she laid on the floor under the fan instead of behind my chair. I immediately texted our vet receptionist who has “babysat” Aja in the past and asked her what timer Banfield opened tomorrow and who the vet on duty would be. Thank God they open at 11 AM and it is Aja’s vet. I relayed the information to her and she relayed it to the doctor and he said bring her in at 11, don’t even call for an appointment.

This doesn’t sound good and I hope I am panicking for nothing. I don’t know why I am panicking. I knew her good days wouldn’t last but the tumors have become so small. I was really hopeful and I am praying this is nothing but I remember the vet saying we don’t know how many tumors she has or where they are and the Prednisone can irritate the lining of her stomach. That is why she takes the Pepcid. So we will see tomorrow what the next step is.

I have put Aja in God’s hands and am asking that His will, not mine, be done. I am also asking anyone who wishes to please pray for Aja. Thank you.

It is simply amazing how much difference a week can make! Aja has been on the medications for a week now and have we seen improvement? Yes we have! Thank the Lord! This is day 3 of the “new” Aja. She seems to have come out of whatever she was in. Sunday she had a bad day and then she turned a corner. And boy what a corner! She is acting like a puppy again! I’m grateful but I’m having a hard time keeping up with her! I know there is going to be a time when I won’t have this euphoria over how good she is doing so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

I guess I goofed. I could have sworn the vet said he wanted to see her tomorrow but in fact it is next Friday he wants to see her. I did give him a praise report on how good she is doing and he was very happy. Let’s hope and pray she is doing this good next week when she sees him.

I still don’t know when or if her “mommy” is coming home but I know she will walk in the door and tell me it was a wasted trip because Aja is doing so well. Well little girl, that could all change tomorrow! You seem to have forgotten something. We, and that includes animals, are not promised tomorrow. I for one thank God every morning when He lets me wake up in the same place I went to bed!

Yes, today was a good Aja day. We are rejoicing.

Are you sure she’s dying? Well, that’s silly, I know she is but let me tell you, she is doing really well. And the tumors have shrunk so I know she must be more comfortable. What a wonderful birthday present she gave me today. She let me sleep till 7:30 and had a really good day. I can’t ask for any more than that. She seems normal and healthy. Maybe we are on to something and she will be around for a long while. Or maybe this is the calm before the storm. I hope not. Yes, it’s hard to rearrange everything to make sure I am around in the morning and at night to give her the meds but the alternative is something I don’t even want to consider. And besides, I have made her life easier by doing this for her. A small price to pay for the unconditional love she gives me every day. I can SEE a difference and she hasn’t even been on the Prednisone for a week yet. THAT makes me happy and makes it all worth it.

Aja’s “mommy” is supposed to come home this weekend to see her. But she’s bringing the boyfriend so I’m not sure just how much of her Aja will actually get to see. I wish she was coming alone so Aja could have her undivided attention and we could spend some time with her. But with the boyfriend here that won’t be possible. Don’t get me wrong, we really like him. But I wanted HER to come and spend time with HER dog. Guess that was too much to ask.

Thank you Lord for the great day Aja had and the positive response she is having to the meds. I praise you in the highest for taking care of her through me.

Well now. Today has been a good Aja day! Praise God! She seems to have come out of whatever it was she was in and is perkier and happier. She even met me at the door with a toy in her mouth and the tail was going a mile a minute. That was the best birthday present, even though my birthday isn’t till tomorrow.

She actually let us sleep this morning and if hubby hadn’t had to get up we might have slept longer than 6:20! She was not interested in going out but she went and peed only. Strange. But then I remembered her appetite was off yesterday. It’s better today. I was afraid she had stopped eating but she didn’t. I’ll take the good days because I know there will be many bad ones.

Thank you Lord that Aja is responding to the medication, or seems to be, and thank you for giving me the strength to do this. But most of all thank you for standing beside me and taking this walk with me.

I have discovered that no two days are the same with Aja anymore. Maybe I’m more sensitive to her needs now or maybe I am just waiting for the inevitable.

As usual she got us up at 6 AM to go out. This is the new norm. Two hours later I did it all over again – and so did she. Why does it seem like poo that was normal before now weighs 10 lbs! It is softer, therefore harder to pick up.

Is she responding to the Prednisone? I SWEAR the tumor in her neck is smaller so I would have to say YES! Hubby finally agrees with me. He thinks it is smaller too. That means she is responding to the Prednisone. Thank you Jesus! I love to do praise reports when there is a positive in the mix of so much negative. Does this mean she is cured? Definitely not! It is still cancer and it is still there. Just not as big so maybe it won’t obstruct her airway. We have been taking her collar off after every time she goes out so as not to put pressure on her neck. The harness was a bust so it went back to PetSmart. The vet did say if she responds to the Prednisone it COULD shrink the tumor by 20%.

The one thing that does concern me is her lack of appetite. The vet said she would have a bigger appetite. Well she did until everything came back up last night. I don’t know if she is afraid to eat because it might happen again or if she is just not hungry. She’s eating, but nowhere near what she was doing. She does drink a lot though. That has definitely increased.

Like I said, each day is a new adventure. And I guess that is how it’s supposed to be. I thank you God and praise you for one more day with Aja, and a good one at that.